Advanced Pain Medical Group is a premier provider of pain management solutions for adults experiencing lumbar pain in Los Angeles, Kern, and Ventura Counties. One of our leading diagnostic services is Lumbar Discography – an invaluable diagnostic test that aids in identifying the source of back pain to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Understanding Lumbar Discography

Lumbar Discography, also known as a Lumbar Discogram, is a diagnostic procedure where the intervertebral discs are examined to identify the root cause of your back pain. These spinal discs act as cushions between the vertebrae and play a pivotal role in maintaining the flexibility of your spine.

A Lumbar Discography serves as a valuable diagnostic tool when the cause of back pain remains elusive. It allows us to inspect the health of your spinal discs and pinpoint the precise area of concern, guiding the remedial action required.

What To Expect During The Procedure

During Lumbar Discography, a contrast agent is injected into your spinal disc with the assistance of fluoroscopic guidance. Pressure is then applied to the disc, and your response is observed to ascertain if the disc is contributing to your back pain.

Who Requires Lumbar Discography?

Lumbar Discography is predominantly recommended in cases where:

Post-Procedure Management

Following the procedure, patients can generally return to their routine activities. This includes activities related to their professional life, personal obligations, and physical exercise to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with their recovery process.

Your healthcare provider will provide precise instructions based on your unique situation, ensuring a comfortable recovery. It’s important to follow any guidelines your doctor gives you to minimize potential complications and ensure a swift recovery.

Risk & Complications

Lumbar Discography, like any other medical procedure, has the potential for certain risks and complications. While it’s generally safe, it carries a potential risk of complications such as infection, nerve damage, or discitis — an infection of the intervertebral disc space.

These risks are significantly minimized when the procedure is completed under the careful supervision of a highly skilled and seasoned medical team. Our specialists are thoroughly trained and experienced in managing potential complications. They utilize a set of rigorous safety protocols, which are designed to anticipate, prevent, and effectively manage any unexpected situations should they arise.

If you have a higher risk of adverse effects, your doctor may suggest you take a round of prophylactic antibiotics before your procedure to avoid infection.

Lumbar Discography’s Role In Treatment Planning

Lumbar Discography is a preeminent diagnostic procedure that plays a pivotal role in determining the appropriate course of therapy by assessing the health and condition of your spinal discs. This procedure is especially beneficial in establishing an accurate diagnosis of your spinal pathology and charting out a personalized treatment plan.

Whether it is a degenerative disc or a bulged one, this diagnostic tool allows for a targeted approach to managing your lumbar pain.

Choose Lumbar Discography For A Precise Diagnosis

With Advanced Pain Medical Group, you aren’t just getting a medical procedure done. We offer you a far-reaching, all-inclusive diagnostic approach to alleviate your back pain. Through Lumbar Discography, we aim to establish a strong foundation for your treatment, ensuring an improved quality of life.

A Step Towards Pain-free Living

At Advanced Pain Medical Group, our mission is precise diagnosis and effective management of your lumbar discomfort. We encourage patients in Los Angeles, Kern, and Ventura Counties to explore Lumbar Discography and take a step toward a pain-free life.

Don’t let back pain hold you back. Contact us to schedule a Lumbar Discography today.