Degenerative disc disease can be a severe and painful condition. If you’re in the Los Angeles, Kern, or Ventura County areas and dealing with this issue, there is help available. It all starts with understanding your condition. You need to know about causes, symptoms, and treatment.

What Causes Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative back pain can be caused by several things, with the most common risk factors including age and injury.

  • Age And “Drying Out” Of The Discs, Especially After 40
  • Injuries Leading To Tears And Cracking Of Discs
  • A Physically Demanding Job
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

A combination of these factors can make the condition more likely and lead people to seek out the help of a pain doctor. However, anyone can get degenerative disc disease, even if they don’t have typical risk factors.

What Are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease?

The main symptoms of degenerative disc disease are neck and back pain. Dealing with chronic pain in one or both areas often sends people to seek out pain management. A lot of people dealing with this condition also experience ongoing symptoms.

  • Numbness And Tingling In The Arms And Legs
  • Discomfort That Comes And Goes
  • Discomfort That Gets Worse When Bending, Sitting Down, Or Lifting
  • Radiating Pain In The Lower Back Or Buttocks

The discomfort created by degenerative disc disease can range from mild to severe and may worsen with time if it’s not treated correctly. It is diagnosed through questions about your symptoms and imaging scans such as a CT, X-ray, or MRI. You may also be given strength, nerve function, and pain level tests.

What Treatments Are Available for This Condition?

While many people have surgery as all or part of their degenerative disc disease treatment, there are other options for this condition in many cases. If you’re looking for a treatment that doesn’t involve surgery and can reduce or cure your chronic pain, physical therapy, medications, and steroid injections are all common treatments, as is lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy.

We offer these radiofrequency and injection options and will work with you on the kind of treatment that provides the best outcome in your case. The cause of your chronic pain and the severity of your degenerative disc disease will all play a role in the best pain management for your needs.

Let Us Help You Feel Better

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